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  • BJ Tip 1 – Be The Prize
  • BJ Tip 2 – Keep her on her knees
  • BJ Tip 3 – Giving Head is her hobby now
  • Make her fall in love with you – using bjs
  • 3 effective tricks to get more BJs
  • How to make her your BJ JUNKY
  • “Why she HATES giving you head”
  • Why you’re not getting BJ’s
  • Want more B-L-0-W- J0BS?
  • She came to my place every night just to…

She came to my place every night just to…

​Hey buddy!

It’s your friend and fellow BJ Aficionado, [[[Brian Burke]]],
back to tell you how to get more lip-love on your man-parts
from your wife, girlfriend…or any girl you know…
even if she said she doesn’t like it!

Now if you want mind-blowing head whenever you want,
I need to give you some background on my
proven 3-Step BJ Power Play System
(which you can find
here )

For every lucky bastard getting serviced like a king,
there are 10 guys who struggle to
get one decent “dome-session” in a year…
even if you’re married!

Meanwhile there are guys who get
all the head they want
on a daily basis…
sometimes by different women (my favorite)

I’ve always been obsessed with
getting head from girls.
Even as a teenager, I’d spend all day at school
picturing every girl in class on her knees
with her mouth full of Brian Sausage.

But I never imagined there could be
an actual code to get head on command

It took a ton of confusing, frustrating, and often
embarrassing trial and error to figure it out.
I was a total dud with chicks in high school,
college, and well into my 20’s.

I had to face reality and figure out
how to get what I wanted from women
When I set my mind on something
I focus on it completely and turn it
into a system I can put on autopilot.

Maybe I’m crazy, or just a total nerd…
but if there’s ONE thing I’m more obsessed with more than
getting BJ’s, it’s efficiency.
And I remember the first time I felt like
I was really on to something…

I was broke and totally depressed about
my lame s. e. x. life (if you could even call it that)…

I was moving out of my apartment,
and while carrying boxes out to my car
I ran into Amy, a cute blonde with a bubble butt
who had lived a floor below me

She said it was a shame we never got to
know each other more so I awkwardly invited her
to visit my new place some time for “a house warming drink”
(pretty smooth considering how nervous i was)

She lit up and offered to help unload boxes
and take me up on that drink right then.
I was so surprised, I completely forgot to stop
for a bottle of wine on the drive over!

Apparently her mind was on something else too,
because later we were talking about
dating and s- e- x- and she jokingly bragged about
her great BL0W J0B technique

She looked down at the growing bulge in my gym shorts
and giggled…
I told her she was being a tease and she took the bait!

She started slow – nothing special,
but then I did a couple things that
made her look up with a naughty grin,
and go back to work like my d**k was
the last one she’d ever see!

Now here’s what I didn’t mention before
– a couple months prior, I began studying
female s.e.%.u.a.l. psychology
like I was studying for a PHD!

And I stumbled upon a few interesting ideas,
took some notes, and told myself that
the next time a girl went down on me (whenever that would be),
that I would

1) Express my pleasure with specific “dirty talk” phrases, and

2) Make certain “unusual” movements and sounds
in response to her mouth action…

I didn’t realize it at the time,
but I had also done a few key things before she went down,
which made her want to blow me when we were talking about dating!

Well, Amy dumped her boyfriend and we started dating,
and by dating I mean that for the next 8 months
she would come over 3-4 times a week
just to suck and gag on me for an hour

She even said she’d rather blow me than have $- e- x!

But all of a sudden her passion died
and she stopped calling me back.
Years later we caught up on Facebook.
And she explained why she changed.

I had done a couple things that totally
killed her passion for my manhood.
And it’s funny because hundreds of men now come to me
for the training I’m gonna give you…
and they always tell me that they made
the exact same mistakes!

Now Amy probably already enjoyed giving head,
and she was clearly attracted to me from the start.
But the way I got her to go down so fast,
and get addicted to it told me I was on to something,
because that had never happened before.

And the proof of this is that
when I made those couple mistakes,
she went from a BL.0.W. J.0.B JUNKY, to complete disinterest.
In fact, she told me so years later
after the smoke had cleared.

I kept tweaking things until I had a rock-solid,
fool-proof system that is so groundbreaking
I knew it would make getting BJs infinitely easier
for the average guy,
which is why I can’t wait to share it with you.
Check it out –
Click here to watch >>

Yours truly,

[[[Brian “Get Brains” Burke]]]

In my last message, I told you two things:

1) Women keep their true sexual nature a secret from men, and

2) You will give your woman permission
to go down on you, which she will gladly do.
I know this sounds weird, but it will make sense
after the next email.

In the meantime, check out
the training video